Jenni Rivera Eulogized by mun2 & Televisa


“Actress Eva Longoria wrote on Twitter: “My prayers go out to her family. We lost a legend today.”[THR]

The world of Latin music was devastated yesterday by the tragic death of singer Jenni Rivera and six others in a plane crash in Mexico. Rivera, who was 43 when she died yesterday, was eulogized in tributes that aired on mun2 and Televisa and that reportedly drew in outsized audiences per early ratings reports.

Singer and friend Paulina Rubio burst into tears in the middle of her live musical tribute to Rivera on television yesterday, an early sign of what’s to come with the many planned eulogies and public celebrations of the life and musical legend of Jenny Rivera. Facebook and Twitter were also abuzz with many of the same sentiments yesterday, with Eva Longoria and others commenting on the loss of Rivera and how her death has devastated the Latin and musical worlds.

  • Yeah..I Heard this yesterday…such ashamed to lose people, I’m still not over the death of Selena, another great woman, now this one…and the death a player, from my Cowboys…Man sad end to this year…May all those who left us in 2012, Rest In Peace..and their memories live on…

    • And to think that sooner or later we all are taking that one way trip too…well like the saying goes..there’s two things for sure in life…that’s death and taxes…on a lighter side, I thought the world was coming to an end this month, maybe I won’t have to pay taxes after all….ha..Fat Chance,!!