MIAMI: Russell Simmons Enjoys Sugar Baby Hana Nitsche at the Beach

Russell Simmons & model girlfriend Hana Nitsche

For all us regular dudes, photos like these simply give us hope that if you work hard & earn your millions, you can eventually find happiness. Sure money can’t buy you happiness, but a healthy dose of Buddhism & a few hundred million in assets can definitely bring a smile to a man’s face. OW!

These latest photos were snapped over the weekend as Emperor Sugar Daddy Russell Simmons continued enjoying the fruits of his labor as he frolicked on the beach with his model girlfriend Hana Nitsche. While the 55-year-old music mogul did some stretching, Hana was busy practicing a few modeling moves on the sand. I feel like the only moves Hana needs to practice are those Russell likes to perform behind closed doors b/c if she can get ole Russ to tie the knot with her, who the hell needs to model for a living?!

A loved up Russell Simmons and his model girlfriend Hana Nitsche enjoy the warm weather as they get close during a day at the beach