Olga Kurylenko Enjoys Miami Beach With Boyfriend Danny Huston

Olga Kurylenko Bikini Pics With Boyfriend Danny Huston

Can anybody explain this one? This might be a little more painful than Michael Douglas swooping up on Catherine Zeta-Jones in her hotter days only because Olga Kurylenko is a former Bond girl. I gotta hand the 50-year-old actor the pimp card for scoring the like 33-year-old, Ukrainian bombshell, who presumably must know that she can land pretty much any dude on the planet.

As we stated last time, the couple star in Starz’s series “Magic City” where Olga plays Vera Evans and Danny as Ben “The Butcher” Diamond. The show was renewed for a second season after its intial run of eight episodes. Look for it sometime in 2013. As we type this, Danny is probably exploring Olga’s sexy body in multiple positions and the various orifices while the rest of us waste away into Oblivion, quick plug to Olga’s next movie with Tom Cruise.