Watching Miley Cyrus Break Out Of Her Child-Star Handcuffs Is Kinda Fun

Miley Cyrus Performance in Bondage Gear (ADDS)

Ok, Miley Cyrus moved just one step closer to releasing her own sex tape in her continued her desperate attempts to break from her child-star past & become an adult star. I feel like she’s taking the whole “adult star” thing a bit too literally especially when you consider her latest performance at dubstep deejay Bongore’s Christmas Creampies concert in Los Angeles. We’re assuming she did this deejay Bongore a favor by donning some scandalous bondage gear & shaking her lil’ boobies on stage alongside nearly naked chicks. I gotta admit, this looks more like a performance at your local strip club, but hey, nothing’s wrong w/ that, right? At the end of the day, we’d like give a shout-out to Miley & her team and let them know that they’re on the right path… OWW!!