LOOK OUT, KIDS! Courtney Sue Reschke Accused of Sex with Underage Boys

Woman, 35, accused of sex with underage boys

What the fuck is this world coming to? I guess 35-year-old Courtney Sue Reschke of Kuna, Idaho didn’t like any of the dudes her own age in town, so she resorted to pouncing on her 10-year-old son’s friends. How fucked up would it be to come home from middle school only to find your best friend from fourth period is having drunken sex with your mom?! Again, what the fuck is this world coming to? Maybe the Mayans are right & the world is really going to end later this month (December 21).

Here’s the full caption for the mugshot:

A US mother is accused of having sex with four underage boys that she met through her 10-year-old son. Prosecutors allege that Courtney Sue Reschke, from Kuna, Idaho gave the 15-year-olds alcohol before sleeping with them at her house. She is charged with two counts of felony injury to a child and two counts of felony lewd conduct with a child under 16. According to Ada County Deputy Prosecutor Jean Fisher, Reschke’s two younger children, aged 5 and 10, were home during at least one encounter.