Save the Date: Film Review

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Sometimes you watch movies about cliches and you think, wow, that sucked. Other times (much fewer times, really), you watch a movie built on a foundation of cliches and you somehow leave the movie thinking, yeah, they did rely on formula, but it really worked. Save the Date is somewhere in between. It’s a movie about two stock female prototypes (the prude and the slut) and the way their values collide in ironic and occasionally moving sentiments.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Allison Brie (of Community) is the prudish sweetheart that believes in Love and is about to get married to some adorably dweeby guy that was Michael Cera 10 years ago. Playing her omg-you-guys-love-is-totes-for-suckers sister is Lizzy Caplan who just wants to hop from bed to bed because she’s terrified of what real intimacy looks and feels like…and what it would mean for her worldview if she were ever to (gasp!) settle down. Totes, guys, this is so going to ‘fml’.

The movie is basically a series of scenes in which the two women wax ineloquent on the nature of love, commitment, marriage, and men, all in that irritating way that millennials insist on speaking (like they just worked their way through a pack of gum and are still chewing on that last stick). It’s a shame, because occasionally they do have some insightful things to say. Once you get passed the droopy goth-ish makeup and the plethora of sweater vests, you might find that this movie is worth listening to, if not necessarily watching.

Most of all, it gives hipsters a bad name.