LiLo Definitely Naughty, Gets Her Probation Revoked – Is Jail Next?


The “Liz and Dick” star could receive a sentence of up to 245 days in jail related to a June car crash.”[THR]

Well, this gives us (almost) no pleasure to report, but the chances are going up that everyone’s favorite car wreck-causing train wreck (formerly known as Lindsay Lohan) may be headed back behind bars after her probation was revoked by a Los Angeles judge yesterday morning. The official charges against her for her June crash into a dump truck include “misdemeanor counts of reckless driving, lying to a police officer and obstructing an officer from performing duties”, which sounds about right to us.

Lohan has maintained that her assistant was driving at the time, but officials are now publicly declaring that it’s more than likely that Lohan was the one behind the wheel when the crash occurred. (Stay classy, LiLo). Some are no wondering if she will in fact be sentenced to 245 days in jail at her hearing scheduled for January 15 of next year. Oh, and she still has to settle that case from New York where a woman claims Lohan hit her at a nightclub.

Get help, get rehab, get a good attorney, ‘cuz you gonna need it, Lindsay. And like we said, keep it classy.