MILF Matchup: Megan Fox vs Jessica Alba @ 2012 Golden Globe Noms

Megan Fox, Ed Helms, and Jessica Alba

God damn, you either gotta feel sorry for Ed Helms or jealous (probably the latter), but there’s a certain amount of pressure to not screw shit up when you’re sandwiched between two chicks like Megan Fox & Jessica Alba. We’re talking about the potential for having bad breath or brushing your hand up against one of their asses or maybe hugging them a little too long or accidently kissing them on the lips as opposed to their cheek, etc, etc.

Abba wrote about the Golden Globe nominations earlier this morning, so make sure you read what he had to say. Check out the list of the important nominations after the jump.

Jessica Alba, Megan Fox

  • xenia

    jessica looks good here but i choose mega

    • Backwoodsman

      I went with Jessica, though generally I’m a Megan fan, and I”m almost embarassed to say, but I think its because of the outfits.  She could have left the sharply pointed shoes at home, but Jess nailed it with that (simple) ensemble.

      • xenia

        Backwoodsman that is the best jessica looked in a while. the color of her dress looks perfect to her skin tone, i love her shoes,her hair and her make up. she looks very young and cute. i like megan dress too but not the thights. i guess i voted for megan she looked really weird for a while and i’m happy to see her beautiful again.and i like her way more than jessica.

  • skilligan

    Jessica always wins, tested this time but she always wins

  • bryanzee

    Bryan 1 MoeJackson 0

  • Planet Nebo


  • Spanglylovesheels

    Moe I love these super big pictures we get now. That and this livefyre are two big A pluses about the revamped site.
    Jessica was making some dough because she was making big smiles all around. Megan looks better when she doesn’t smile. I loved the leg and foot show both Jess and Megan put on. Especially Jess with her pretty feet basically coming out of those expensive but poorly fitting cockroach killers. I also liked Megan’s fishnets and her peeptoes. Very hot posting of very hot women.

    • MoeJackson

      Thanks for the feedback on livefyre. It’s still getting fully tested and those guys still haven’t imported 2/3 of our old comments! Really hoping they do that quickly…

  • curvefan

    Megan but neither are top of class.

  • Bozz


  • jimbo 77

    To close to call, i will need to taste them both to decide!

  • JackTorrence

    Jess is prettier in a natural way, I mean look at that sweet smile! Megan looks striking, but in an overly made up sort if way. I think I’d pick Jess.

  • brutal honesty

    jessica looks better eventough she is older than megan