Bengals take down Eagles; what to look for this Sunday


It was a tale of two halves last night between the Eagles and Bengals, well more so a tale of the Eagles only playing well during 2nd quarter with the rest of the game in favor of Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Bengals took advantage of 5 Eagles’ turnovers to take the victory 34-13. Not only did the Bengals take the win, they kept their playoffs hopes alive and control their own destiny with their final two games against the Steelers and Ravens. The Steelers have been very streaky since the Big Ben injury and the Ravens don’t seem to be clicking lately so it’s very much a possibility for the Bengals to make the playoffs AND win the AFC North. As for the Eagles, the season was over weeks ago and it was very evident by the lack of supporters in the stands, quick to boo anything that didn’t go their way throughout the game. It looks like the departure of both Andy Reid and Michael Vick is inevitable but rookie Nick Foles has shown signs that the future could be bright for Eagles.

Is it just me or does it seem like every game this week will either be played very well or the game will be a complete disaster with no in-between? The good games (Giants at Falcons, Vikings at Rams, Packers at Bears, Broncos at Ravens, Colts at Texans, Steelers at Cowboys, Niners at Patriots) all have potential to be a classic, all with major playoff implications. Now there are plenty of potential disasters but the game to definitely avoid this weekend is the Chiefs visiting the Radiers because the only thing on the line in this game is higher draft selection next April. By the way, what was ESPN thinking when they scheduled Jets-Tiants as the last Monday night game of the season?

This weekend I like the Colts (+9) to keep it close against the Texans. The Colts have shown this season that they have late game heroics. If they don’t keep it close, Luck will at least make it so they cover the spread. Also, i’ll be attending the Cowboys game against the Steelers. I wanna see the Cowboys win in person this season dammit!