Mariah Carey Gets Into Diva Mode As She Arrives On “Idol”

Mariah Carey wears a short and shiny gold dress as she arrives on the set of "American Idol" in LA

I would just love to see behind the scenes footage of Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj acting like divas on the set of “American Idol,” but I just wish producers wouldn’t be so damn racist in their portrayal of Nicki Minaj as the evil Diva and Mariah Carey as the angelic one. Why can’t they both be bitches?!

These were snapped yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles as judges Keith Urban & Mariah Carey were seen making their fashionable arrivals on the set of “American Idol.” Mariah wore a short & shiny gold dress as she catwalked her way inside the studio w/ her man-slave assistant directly behind her. Nicki Minaj, as expected, followed the bitchy diva script & arrived nearly two hours late to the taping while camera crews waited for her.