“The Hobbit” Opens with $11.2 Million on Wednesday


“According to those who have seen pre-release tracking, Hobbit could open in the $75 million to $90 million range domestically.”[THR]

Ignore what your friends are saying on Facebook: The Hobbit is not “the best movie ever made, you guys”, but it is a pretty darn good one nonetheless. Which is why it opened overseas to a very strong $11.2 million in just 16 foreign markets. Official tallies are not yet in for the North American take from yesterday, but we can easily expect it to match that and more.

As for the full weekend haul, analysts say the movie is on track to open between $75 million and $90 million, though some are being to chirp that a $100 million opening would surprise absolutely no one, especially given the fact that you can see the film in an unheard of number of formats: standard, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, HFR 3D, IMAX 3D in HFR, and more. Somewhere, Galadriel is grinning very, very wide.