Ironic Noir Trailer Watch: Lindsay Lohan in “The Canyons”

Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming film The Canyons, a sort of ironic throwback to the heyday of Hollywood when much of the melodrama in a movie was given away in the trailer. The movie is directed by “the never nominated” Paul Schrader and stars Lindsay Lohan as a woman named Tara who is torn between two equally good looking and brooding young James Dean-esque men. One of the actors is actually named James Deen. Will the irony never stop?! (And what is Gus Van Sant doing the cast?)

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a joke or if it’s a serious attempt to bring Lindsay Lohan back to the realm of public respectability. Either way, I’m kind of curious to find out.

Are you? If so, let us know, because the film is still looking for a distributor.