Post-Workout Minka Kelly Brings The Afternoon Links!

Minka Kelly Works Up A Sweat

Pictured: ‘The Roommate’ actress Minka Kelly leaving the gym after working up a sweat in Los Angeles

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  • skilligan

    love her body, glad she works hard to keep it tight

  • curvefan

    I think she has a great body and it’s a shame Jeter ruined her.

    • Fuzzy86

      cowbulls you say the same thing over and over. I see you’re one of those people who believe everything on the net. Jeter is a very big name, who’s been with a lot of people but don’t you think if it was true more media outlets would have reported it and a lot more women would’ve came out and said something by now. Trust me all those one night stands and side chicks would be looking to cash in on a big pay day by now, stop and think about that for a sec. That herpes story was reported by an unreliable blog and spread through the net like a virus(no pun intended), the story is funny but it’s doesn’t make any sense when you think about it. But again people like you believe everything you read without thinking over or analyzing what you read. There are so many false rumors regarding celebs that when i read gossip i don’t even bother judging these people anymore. Oh also if you wanna believe Jeter is dirty, remember Minka also dated John Mayer before Jeter and Wilmer Valmerrama after Jeter. Those two also have a dirty reputations, i for one don’t really believe much of it but that’s just IMO.

      • curvefan

        Fuzzy86 cowbulls I trust my source and it isn’t the internet.   What’s your connection to Jeter?  You seem to be an expert on him.  As for the other guys, as long as they are STD free, I hope they nail everybody.  A body like Minka’s should be used well and often IF it’s safe.

        • Fuzzy86

          cowbulls Fuzzy86 Lol your source, what you know someone, who knows someone else, that knew a girl, that had a friend…….. who got infected by him. I bet you my source is more reliable than yours. Like i said there are so many dumb rumors you really can’t help but laugh at how people are so easily fooled by them. I think it’s hilarious and i’m pretty sure Jeter thinks so as well, he does have a good sense of humor when it comes to this kind of non sense.

  • bryanzee

    She would be perfect if it werent for her thick lower half and especially her cankles.

  • Mike

    she needs to loose 10 pounds

    • bryanzee

      Yes! Mostly from the waist down.

    • McP

      @Mike Dammit Moe this place needs a Hater! button!

      • MsWunderbra

        McP   finding slender women hotter hate comment.  I just liked her more when she was in her prime

  • Planet Nebo


  • Very pretty and attractive lady

  • Tapper65

    Starting to pork up a bit. I hope she doesn’t turn into the fat woman with the great face when she’s 35 or 40.

  • Tapper65

    Starting to pork up a bit. Hope she doesn’t turn into a fat woman with a great face when she’s 35 or 40. Keep working, Minka!

    • MsWunderbra

      Tapper65  yep that would be a shame.. especially when she putted so much time under the knife to get a new face.

  • Bozz

    – Leonardo DiCaprio Moving in on Miranda Kerr Territory [Yeeeah!]
    I’m actually okay with this.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    – ‘The X-Factor’ Finally Realizes That Britney Spears Isn’t Worth $15 Million [PHOTOS] [Socialite Life]
    Brit Brit has brought nothing to that show. Her utterances seem scripted and not very heartfelt. I think she is basically a zero in real life. Cut her a last check and let her go back to the tabloids.