“The Hobbit” Sets New December Box-Office Record

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit received an A CinemaScore from moviegoers, portending good word-of-mouth. [THR]

Like we didn’t know this was going to happen: Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit opened to rave reviews from fans (the critics were more mixed) and managed to set a new box-office record for the month of December. Take that, latest bomb from Gerard Butler!

All told, the official North American take for The Hobbit stands at $84.8 million. When you factor in the additional $138.2 million the film made overseas, you get a whopping global debut of $223 million, ahead of even the masses’ darling The Return of the King (which you will recall won over a dozen Oscars, Best Picture among them). As Gollum would say, that is some ‘precious’ kaching, y’all.

Apart from the obvious love for the original trilogy that guaranteed a massive audience, the movie benefited from the fact that it is the first mainstream Hollywood release to be shown in IMAX theaters at the ultra high-def 48 frames per second, which naturally allows theater owners to charge even more for the price of admission. Look for other studios to try and pad their coiffures with much the same gimmick.

Until the, we await The Desolation of Smaug next year!