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MIAMI: Claudia Galanti Has An Awesome Life; Hits The Beach Again.

Claudia Galanti Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Miami

We don’t really know if Paraguayan model Claudia Galanti is on vacation or simply resides in Miami with her sugar/baby-daddy b/c she literally hits every day—sometimes twice in a single day! You’d think that having two kids would keep her at home busy w/ mom-stuff all day, but thank goodness for lots of money & Miami’s dirt cheap nanny-market that allows for hot moms to concentrate their attention on their respective tans as opposed to their kids.

Claudia was seen rockin’ a teeny-tiny bikini as she hit the beach w/ blonde friend. Both ladies took a dip in the ocean & then worked on their tans, with Claudia even going topless for a few minutes so that she could get a nice tan on her fake rack (those photos are unfortunately not available here).

Semi-Exclusive... Claudia Galanti Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Miami

Rihanna Shells Out $12 Million For New L.A. Pad! Check the Pics!

General views of Rihanna's new Los Angeles home

Only $12 million?! Where’s all her cash & creativity going? You’d think she’d build her own shit from the ground up but obviously she hasn’t been as careful w/ her cash as Jay-Z, for example. Whatever the case, the 11,000 square foot home is hidden away in the ultra-luxurious Pacific Palisades & features seven bedrooms & nine bathrooms. Judging by the resort-style outdoor space, we’re pretty sure we know where Rihanna will be spending most of her time while she’s at home relaxing. I think it’s safe to say that the parties are gonna kick some major ass after she finishes with planned Rihanna-fication of the property (stripper polls, freely roaming animals (tigers, pythons, etc), as well as scantily-clad male & female strippers serving as maids.

General views of Rihanna's new Los Angeles home

General views of Rihanna's new Los Angeles home

Nicole Trunfio’s Photo Shoot in LA’s Chinatown w/ the Links!

Australian model Nicole Trunfio dons old fashioned clothing for a photo shoot in LA's Chinatown

Australian model Nicole Trunfio dons old fashioned clothing for a photo shoot in LA’s Chinatown. The sexy Aussie wore a classic dress with netted hand gloves for the first shoot before changing into a white dress with gloves and funky design sunglasses.

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BREAKING! Kate Upton Goes Up NYC Curb On Her Way To Knicks Game!

Kate Upton going to the Knicks game in New York City

Normally, that would be the extent of our reporting, but this time around we have a lil’ more info that might interest a few of you bastards. Earlier today, released a few photos of Kate modeling in her bikini for the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (drops February) in Antarctica, of all places! Now that’s dedication to your trade! We’re pretty sure it’s not easy to strip down to a teeny-tiny bikini when it’s -35F! GOD DAMN! According to TMZ, there was a cruise ship to Antarctica w/ Kate & S.I. staff that departed November 29 & returned on December 9. You can see all the photos @ TMZ.
Kate Upton Bikini Pics From Antarctica Photo Credit:

Bikini-Clad Claudia Romani Catwalks Back Home in Miami

Italian model Claudia Romani makes her way back home after the beach in Miami Beach

If you’re a sugar daddy or just a creepy dude with lots of money looking to purchase real estate in Miami Beach, you should tell your realtor to look for available properties along Claudia Romani’s walk home from the beach (second floor & up will work perfectly). We thought it was a one-off when she hit a local Starbucks wearing her bikini, but apparently, she just loves to wear her bikini at all times. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen photos of Claudia wearing anything but a bikini—something more beautiful women should aspire toward while vacationing in Miami.

Also, since this is a Miami Beach post, we figured we might as well alert you guys that Barbara Palvin landed in Miami last night & according to her recent Tweets, she remembered to pack a bikini.

Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica White & More: Charity Meets Fashion Holiday Celebration

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Pictured: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica White & a long list celebs & NYC-based socialites & fashionistas were on hand at the Charity Meets Fashion Holiday Celebration honoring The World’s Children at Affirmation Arts. Vanessa was all smiles in the front row as she enjoyed the charity fashion show held at the newly renovated Affirmation Arts studio and gallery in NYC.

Here’s a snippet of the press release:

Mariam Kinkladze and Honor Vitae, a non-profit organization that improves the welfare of children worldwide will partner with Toilet Hackers, an organization dedicated to improving sanitation and hygiene internationally, and the William Talbott Hillman Foundation to present Charity Meets Fashion, a special holiday celebration and fashion show in NYC on December 17, 2012.

Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen will host the ticketed event. Celebrities, including Vanessa Hudgens, Rose Mcgowan and Jack Huston, will join donors, supporters and members of the press to learn about Honor Vitae and enjoy an evening at the newly renovated Affirmation Arts studio and gallery. The event will include a DJ, open bar, hors d’oeuvres by Iron Chef Jehangir Mehta, and the highlight, a premiere fashion show by menswear designer George Nazgaidze,of the country of Georgia, where Honor Vitae has assumed patronage of 50 children. (Source: PRNewswire/ Honor Vitae

Jessica White, Sasha Cohen, Rose McGowan, & Mariam Kinkladze

Pictured: Jessica White, Sasha Cohen, Rose McGowan, & Mariam Kinkladze

Alessandra Ambrosio Digs For Gold While On Break in St. Barts! YUM!!

Bikini-Clad Alessandra Ambrosio Enjoys Some Down Time In St. Barts

The beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio was seen picking her nose while enjoying the hotel pool, as well as the warm Caribbean waters. The Victoria’s Secret Angel is currently at “work” in St. Barts shooting the upcoming VS swimwear catalogue that will hit mailboxes sometime next spring. In case you missed her shoot, check here.

Bikini-Clad Alessandra Ambrosio Enjoys Some Down Time In St. Barts

MIAMI: Claudia Galanti Stretches w/ Trainer; Works Bikini Body!

Claudia Galanti Stays Fit On The Beach In Miami

I gotta admit, a job as a Miami Beach-based personal trainer definitely has its perks and we’re not just talking about great hours or even the pay (assuming you can score the right clientele). Paraguayan model, Claudia Galanti, who’s slowly becoming a South Beach staple, was spotted getting in some exercise with her somewhat shady-looking trainer before strutting her bikini body on the beach.

If you can’t afford a luxury Caribbean vacation this holiday season, why not hit up Miami?! As long as you’re ready to drop some dough, we’re pretty sure you can have a great time enjoying your days lounging at the beach soaking in the hotties & your nights soaking in the same hotties at various hot clubs around South Beach. Aside from contracting a few STDs, how can you possibly go wrong?
Claudia Galanti's Nike Workout Shoes

NYC: Petra Nemcova Promotes Happy Hearts Fund x Clinique Launch

Petra Nemcova attends the Happy Hearts Fund in partnership with Clinique launch event at Bloomingdale's

For those of you looking to get an extra bang for your gift-giving buck, supermodel Petra Nemcova has struck a nice partnership with Clinique, where a portion of sales of various products including perfumes, body wash & creams will go straight to her Happy Hearts Fund, which she started soon after the Indian Ocean Tsunami. You can learn more about the organization here.

The supermodel-turned philanthropist was on hand signing autographs & connecting with fans at a launch event held at a Bloomingdale’s location in NYC (probably midtown). Sucks that we missed the event b/c we’re longtime fans!! DOH!

Anne Hathaway Recalls When She Gave Daniel Craig ‘The Finger’


“I was like, ‘Oh my God! I have just instantly become so famous that Daniel Craig is messing with me and we don’t even know each other,” Hathaway said.[HP]

Anne Hathaway is probably going to finally win an Oscar for her performance in Les Miserables which releases Christmas Day. But on her way to the annals of Hollywood history, she stopped by Chelsea Handler’s couch to tell her of the time she flipped none other than Daniel Craig the bird.

According to Hathaway, they were at an industry party together when she spotted Craig across the room, apparently prompting him to hurl obscenities at her. Yup, Bond was f-bombing Princess Diaries. So what did Catwoman do? She starts f-bombing him right back . . . when she realized that Craig was directing his insults at British director Stepehn Daldry who was at her side.

Anne, needless to say, was suitably embarrassed. Guess neither one of them will ever feature in one of Daldry’s acclaimed dramas.

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