BREAKING! Kate Upton Goes Up NYC Curb On Her Way To Knicks Game!

Kate Upton going to the Knicks game in New York City

Normally, that would be the extent of our reporting, but this time around we have a lil’ more info that might interest a few of you bastards. Earlier today, released a few photos of Kate modeling in her bikini for the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (drops February) in Antarctica, of all places! Now that’s dedication to your trade! We’re pretty sure it’s not easy to strip down to a teeny-tiny bikini when it’s -35F! GOD DAMN! According to TMZ, there was a cruise ship to Antarctica w/ Kate & S.I. staff that departed November 29 & returned on December 9. You can see all the photos @ TMZ.
Kate Upton Bikini Pics From Antarctica Photo Credit: