Clay AIken: American Idol No Longer Relevant


Idol is about the judges. I don’t even know if they remember there are contestants anymore.[THR]

Did Clay Aiken win American Idol? Or was he a runner-up? I don’t remember exactly, but he is definitely not a fan of the show anymore, telling The Hollywood Reporter that the show is no longer relevant to singers or anyone who is interested in anything that has anything to do with singing. The show, he claims, is so desperate for ratings that its only recourse now is to try and outdo itself by bringing in as many celebrity judges as possible and try to sustain fan interest through stories about backstage feuds and diva dramas (we’re talking to you, Nicki Minaj).

Says Aiken, “Idol back in those days was about the contestants. Kelly [Clarkson] and Justin and Tamyra [Gray] and Nikki McKibbin, they were all the stars of the show. And when I was on, Ruben [Studdard] and myself and Kimberley Locke were the stars of the show. Now Idol is about the judges. I don’t even know if they remember there are contestants anymore.”

Guess he won’t be judging the show anytime soon. (Maybe they can cancel it now and replace it with something halfway watchable . . . like an hour long version of The Mindy Project or New Girl? Give Schmidt his own series, I say!)

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He's right tho.


So sorry that you didn't read what Clay said.  I read the article and you are not reporting what he said.  So sad that your prejudice gets in the way of the truth.

He did NOTsay he was not a fan.   He did NOT say the show was not relevant.  He was asked a question and did say that the show is all about the judges now...which I think 98% of the public thinks too.