MIAMI: Claudia Galanti Stretches w/ Trainer; Works Bikini Body!

Claudia Galanti Stays Fit On The Beach In Miami

I gotta admit, a job as a Miami Beach-based personal trainer definitely has its perks and we’re not just talking about great hours or even the pay (assuming you can score the right clientele). Paraguayan model, Claudia Galanti, who’s slowly becoming a South Beach staple, was spotted getting in some exercise with her somewhat shady-looking trainer before strutting her bikini body on the beach.

If you can’t afford a luxury Caribbean vacation this holiday season, why not hit up Miami?! As long as you’re ready to drop some dough, we’re pretty sure you can have a great time enjoying your days lounging at the beach soaking in the hotties & your nights soaking in the same hotties at various hot clubs around South Beach. Aside from contracting a few STDs, how can you possibly go wrong?
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