Newtown Shooting Prompts Mass TV & Movie Cancellations


“The network’s series and promos are all looked at carefully with an eye toward whether any of them could be considered insensitive with the news still fresh in mind.”[HP]

The national tragedy over the mass shooting last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut has prompted many Hollywood studios and television networks to either cancel or delay many of their scheduled film premieres and series airings. Many of the films whose premieres have been delayed or cancelled include Jack Reacher and Django Unchained, both of which star major Hollywood male stars in stories that many are saying are symptomatic of the glamorizing of violence that may have played a part in the murder of 20 children in Connecticut.

Fox pulled episodes of Family Guy and American Dad for fear they could be interpreted as being insensitive to children and supposedly featured gun-related parodies. HBO also pulled its scheduled airing of its Kate Beckinsale-Mark Wahlberg crime thriller Contraband and replaced it with Crazy, Stupid, Love.

What does it say about us that Hollywood is quicker to react to mass shootings than do our elected leaders (who can actually do something about it)?