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HAWAII: Olympic Soccer Gold Medalist Alex Morgan Bikini Pics!! OW!

Bikini-clad Alex Morgan on vacation with friends in Hawaii

I don’t give a shit if some of you haters disagree, but this is hands down one of the best bikini booties we’ve seen all year & we’ve seen a lot of frickin’ bikini booties–especially in the past couple weeks (remember the two Claudias?).

Major props to 23-year-old Alex Morgan for staying fit after winning the gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games earlier this summer. For those of you bastards who don’t remember, Alex scored the winning goal in the final. These latest photos were snapped earlier today as the soccer beauty was seen strutting her bikini bod while vacationing with friends in Hawaii. God daaayummm!!

Rihanna Already Relaxing In Her Bikini Back Home in Barbados

Rihanna Enjoying Her Vacation In Barbados

I saw photos of Rihanna getting off her private jet in Barbados earlier this morning & the pop superstar was already knocking down a few beers in her bikini while chilling at the luxurious Cove Springs Villa with friends later in the day as she kicks off her holidays back at home. You gotta admit, she knows what her fans want & she delivers every time! SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND, Rih-Rih!

Shameless Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pics Sponsored By Beats By Dre

Jennifer Nicole Lee has a ball and boogie at the beach

For those of you looking to feel real dirty, these photos should do the trick.

I hope she has a deal w/ Beats by Dre b/c w/ a body like that, South Beach-based fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is a walking billboard for the popular headphones. The 37-year-old mother of two left very little to the imagination as she had fun on the beach w/ her etsy-bitsy, string bikini that scandalously showcased her well-sculpted body. In the process of doing a shoot for her popular cookbook, “Fun Fit Foodie,” we’re pretty sure she gave a few old dudes on the beach a heart attack as she hopped around the beach wearing pretty much nothing.

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Jennifer Garner takes daughters Violet and Seraphina grocery shopping at Whole Foods on a rainy day in Brentwood

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Does Wiz Khalifa Regret Knocking Up Amber Rose?

Amber Rose Is Ready To Pop

God damn, what the hell was this guy thinking?! Amber Rose is seriously incapable of love, but I guess Wiz Khalifa sees something in her (but what?!). She has blown pretty much half of the elite rap & hip-hop scene, so how does block that out?! Whatever the case, the chick will ultimately suck him dry (of money), so let’s hope he can continue selling those records.

These photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the couple were spotted leaving a prenatal class in Beverly Hills. Aaaw, at least he’s not a deadbeat baby-daddy! I really wanna wish both of them the best, but married life isn’t cut out for people in modern society—especially the wildly rich & famous. Ultimately Amber Rose will start to get annoying and Wiz resort to finding love outside the house while on tour…

CURB WATCH: Kat Graham Smokes Major Fashion Crack While Out Shopping

Kat Graham, star of "The Vampire Diaries," wears a funky dress as she fits in some last minute Christmas shopping on Melrose in Los Angeles. The actress stopped off at Wasteland and Wild Style on the hip shopping street while showing off some new highlights in her hair.

God damn, who the hell convinced Kat Graham that the outfit she has on was a good idea? Let’s just hope, for her sake, that she’s doing a designer-friend a big favor by wearing it around in public. That thing just looks painfully ugly, but then again, Kat isn’t exactly known for somebody who has great taste when it comes to fashion.

The “Vampire Diaries” star was seen out & about yesterday afternoon on Melrose doing some last minute Christmas shopping as she made stops at Wasteland & Wild Style.

Victoria Justice Hit Hailee Steinfeld’s Sweet 16 Party in L.A.

Victoria Justice @ Hailee Steinfeld's Sweet 16 Birthday Party

We’re still trying to source these photos, so that was the main delay in getting these babies up. Long-story-short, Hollywood’s next big star Hailee Steinfeld celebrated her Sweet 16 party at the Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge in Los Angeles and her publicist made sure to invite a long list of up & coming starlets. Her actual birthday was on December 11 & this party was held on December 15. The party was sponsored by vitaminwater and Sally Hansen, so it’s nice to see that Hailee & her team are cashing in on the occasion.

Regardless of how young & innocent she may appear, I’m pretty sure she’s well aware of the fact that she’s going to be a wildly famous & obscenely rich in a few years once Hollywood producers and directors have their way. I guess w/ a last name like “Steinfeld,” you can’t really go wrong in entertainment, right?

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