Does Wiz Khalifa Regret Knocking Up Amber Rose?

Amber Rose Is Ready To Pop

God damn, what the hell was this guy thinking?! Amber Rose is seriously incapable of love, but I guess Wiz Khalifa sees something in her (but what?!). She has blown pretty much half of the elite rap & hip-hop scene, so how does block that out?! Whatever the case, the chick will ultimately suck him dry (of money), so let’s hope he can continue selling those records.

These photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the couple were spotted leaving a prenatal class in Beverly Hills. Aaaw, at least he’s not a deadbeat baby-daddy! I really wanna wish both of them the best, but married life isn’t cut out for people in modern society—especially the wildly rich & famous. Ultimately Amber Rose will start to get annoying and Wiz resort to finding love outside the house while on tour…

  • bryanzee

    lolololololol, I mean she was a Donkey before she got pregnant so I’m pretty sure he knew what he was getting himself into.

  • bryanzee

    lol her thighs are nasty as fuck.

  • skilligan

    he regrets dating her i’m sure, relative to the fact she is due like tomorrow she doesn’t look that bad

  • McP

    I’d slam that right up to the due date.

    • MoeJackson

      McP ha. hilarious.

  • CheapestGasEl

    That nigga thirsty !!!

    That bitch is ugly…. she has been with all the famous guys… you don’t marry those hoes….. you fuck em and then you leave em.