HAWAII: Olympic Soccer Gold Medalist Alex Morgan Bikini Pics!! OW!

Bikini-clad Alex Morgan on vacation with friends in Hawaii

I don’t give a shit if some of you haters disagree, but this is hands down one of the best bikini booties we’ve seen all year & we’ve seen a lot of frickin’ bikini booties–especially in the past couple weeks (remember the two Claudias?).

Major props to 23-year-old Alex Morgan for staying fit after winning the gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games earlier this summer. For those of you bastards who don’t remember, Alex scored the winning goal in the final. These latest photos were snapped earlier today as the soccer beauty was seen strutting her bikini bod while vacationing with friends in Hawaii. God daaayummm!!

  • she’s okay

  • mooty

    you are dead right on the booty that thing is special.. also she’s still in shape cause I’m assuming she’s still playing.. it’s not like they only play every 4 years then quit haha

    • JimmyBrown1

      mooty “special” lol

  • Planet Nebo

    If she’s considered a soccer beauty, I’d hate to see the ugly ones. I guess they don’t test for PED’s in women’s soccer.

    • JimmyBrown1

      Planet Nebo I agree, I see nothing special here.

  • Mandzukic

    She’s a legitimate babe. Holy shit about her calves though. Would still be cool to bang a chick who can explain the offside rule.

  • skilligan

    her ass is amazing

    • JimmyBrown1

      skilligan meh