Victoria Justice Hit Hailee Steinfeld’s Sweet 16 Party in L.A.

Victoria Justice @ Hailee Steinfeld's Sweet 16 Birthday Party

We’re still trying to source these photos, so that was the main delay in getting these babies up. Long-story-short, Hollywood’s next big star Hailee Steinfeld celebrated her Sweet 16 party at the Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge in Los Angeles and her publicist made sure to invite a long list of up & coming starlets. Her actual birthday was on December 11 & this party was held on December 15. The party was sponsored by vitaminwater and Sally Hansen, so it’s nice to see that Hailee & her team are cashing in on the occasion.

Regardless of how young & innocent she may appear, I’m pretty sure she’s well aware of the fact that she’s going to be a wildly famous & obscenely rich in a few years once Hollywood producers and directors have their way. I guess w/ a last name like “Steinfeld,” you can’t really go wrong in entertainment, right?

  • skilligan

    Victoria has to quit all the kid $hit

  • errsome

    Hailee Steinfield is turning out fine. When I saw her in True Grit, I thought, “This kid is not going to be attractive at all.” I think I predicted it wrong.

    • Planet Nebo

      errsome I thought she would turn out cuter than what she is, but it’s hard to judge when she’s standing next to Victoria.

  • bryanzee

    VJ looks good here, but she does need to grow up and out of her current style. She’s got a dope body and she’s gorgeous we need her to slut it up a bit.

  • durka

    victoria is short

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Hailee needs some brow work done stat!  VJ is her usual boring self.

  • VJ always has that fresh look, beautiful smile…I wonder why she hasn’t been seen with some dude yet? or has she? or maybe she’s on the wrong side of the street?