BREAKING!! Jessica Alba Took Her Lil’ Booty To Target!

Jessica Alba does her final Christmas shopping at Target in Los Angeles

You’d think Jessica Alba would just do all her shopping online on, but that would mean no lucrative marketing deal! Not too many celebrities would hit a major department store to do what appears to be a lot of their holiday shopping just days before Christmas unless there was an incentive in place. That’s why we’re gonna assume this was more of a promotional trip courtesy of Target marketing execs sending Jessica a fat gift certificate for $10,000, but with a couple catches: The card was valid only before Friday, December 21 and Jessica had to be the one using it.

Sure we’re reading into a simple Target run a little too much, but hey, when you hate the papz as much as J. Alba, you’d think she’d send one of her nannies to the store, or even her hubby Cash, who doesn’t seem to get out all that much these days…