Here’s That Tre Holloway Dude Who’s Banging Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole and boyfriend Tre Holloway are seen leaving the Rose Night club in the small hours of the morning after a night out in London


So yeah, Cheryl Cole simply continues proving that once you go black, you simply can’t go back! This time she opted for somebody less famous than her previous conquest Ashley Cole, who’s a full-time star player for Chelsea and part-time man-whore for all hot white chicks, regardless of their location.

Cheryl & her latest boyfriend, a backup dancer, Tre Holloway were spotted leaving London’s Rose nightclub in the early hours following her DJ’ing gig. According to a recent interview w/ The Sun, the couple are deeply in love since they started dating earlier this summer, which is always troubling since Cheryl is very unlucky when it comes to dudes. Here’s a snippet of Cheryl gushing about her new man:

She said: “I am experiencing a really intense situation.

“I look for someone with a personality, charm and connection.

“I love having people around who feel like family.”

She continued: “You are experiencing a really intense relationship

Cheryl also gushed about Tre’s dancing talent: “There’s an intensity, there’s a trust, there’s a love — a genuine love.

“He is very experienced in what he is doing. He is a ridiculously talented character.” Source

  • skilligan

    he is very very lucky, although people seem to think she’s a bitch

  • GrgeCdnBastard

    Headline: Freep Marries Glim in First Washington State Same Sex Ceremony.

  • WeeItsNookies

    So basically, she’s only one step up from hoodrat status.

    • bryanzee


      A girl like Chezza will never be a hoodrat.

  • What a  waste of a woman….

  • durka

    i hate white chicks who only fuck black guys. i hope she gets her ass beat by her boyfriend

    • WeeItsNookies

      durka So true. Even if she decides to come back to the right side, her pussy would be tainted and stretched from neegroid wang.

    • skilligan

      durka how do you know she only dates black guys AND why do you care? she wouldn’t date you regardless

  • Backwoodsman

    Tough coupling.  Not hot on those pants either.

  • Backwoodsman

    Tough coupling.  Not hot on those pants either.