Mila Kunis Maligned as a “Zhydovka”

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Ukrainian lawmaker Igor Miroshnichenko targeted Kunis in an anti-Semitic Facebook post saying that the actress is not a true Ukrainian because she is a “zhydovka”.[HP]

Well, it wasn’t a very happy close to Hanukkah for Mila Kunis. A Ukranian lawmaker known as Igor something took to Facebook to slam Mila Kunis as a “zhyvodka”. For those of you that didn’t make it past Ukranian 101, “zhyvodka” translates to “dirty Jewess”. Yup, he just went there.

Apparently what set him off was Mila’s insistence that she is a true Ukranian, and according to Igor, Jews cannot be true Ukranians. The Ukranian Jewish Committe says that, “The last time this term was used in any official way was during the Nazi occupation, when the Jews or ‘Zhyds’ of Kiev were ordered to convene in preparation for their mass murder at Babi Yar.”

Activist groups are insisting that Mila Kunis be apologized to formally and that no one had better mess with her Jewish heritage in the future . . . or else we will have no choice but to air repeats of That ’70s Show.

In Ukranian.