Senator Affleck?


“In a new interview with Bob Schieffer, Affleck didn’t deny that he would be interested in running as a candidate to replace John Kerry as U.S. Senator from Massachusetts should Kerry be nominated as Secretary of State.”[HP]

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s most ardent liberal activists. He’s so liberal, he has criticized President Obama for not being liberal enough on many issues. But with the shuffle that’s about to happen with John Kerry apparently moving from the Senate to the State Department as Secretary of State, Affleck has become the object of much speculation that he will seek to replace Kerry as the next Democratic senator from Ted Kennedy’s home state.

Affleck played it coy in a recent interview, saying, “I do have a great fondness and admiration for the political process in this country, but I’m not going to get into speculation about my political future.”

The timing might also be less than opportune for him to stray away from movies, what with Argo winning much acclaim and about to be nominated for every major award on the planet. Then again, if Al Franken can make it to the Senate, why not Affleck?

Tell us what you think: would you vote for a Senator Affleck?

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His ability to be a good bureaucrat aside, if he runs he'll probably win. For no other reason than he's famous and ppl like his movies.

MoeJackson moderator

Judging by althe fact that nothing ever gets done in DC, I don't you reall need true experience to become a full time politician, so I hope he does become senator.

it'll really fuck shit up.

Obsidio 1 Like

@MoeJackson  Liberal democrats from Massachusetts have been fucking shit up for decades. Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, John Kerry, need I go on?


Affleck is a dilettante. The democrats of Massachusetts have been making huge mistakes to the detriment of the country for decades now, so I'd say Affleck has a chance.


  The last thing this country needs is another liberal extremist wacko as a Senator. This clown has no idea of life in the real world.