Stephanie Seymour Bikini Pics From St. Barts: Still Killin’ It At 44


Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend family & friends. We’re officially on the vacation diet, so that means we’re eating pretty much anything that’s put in front of us regardless of fat & calorie content. Hello to $5 cupcakes, $2 cookies, Thanksgiving Dinner Part II (Xmas edition), multiple cups of coffee, lattes & hot chocolate, multiple trips to Shake Shack (or In-N-Out for you left-coasters), chips & unhealthy cheese dips while watching football & everything else people want to eat all the time, but resist simply because they don’t want to become fatasses.

If you need a little more than cookies & cupcakes to satisfy your sweet tooth, how about 44-year-old cougar Stephanie Seymour, who, judging by these photos, can easily hold her own w/ the most of the younger, bikini-clad ladies who get posted on the site. The former supermodel was spotted strutting her bikini bod yesterday afternoon while vacationing with her two of her three kids in St. Barts. Stephanie’s married to billionaire Peter M. Brant, but curiously he wasn’t seen w/ her on this latest vacation.