Jessica Alba Seen Carrying Around MS Windows 8 Tote While Out Shopping

Jessica Alba & Daughter Haven Shopping At Williams Sonoma

There are very few celebs in Hollywood who monetize their fame better than J. Alba, so we gotta give her major props for wringing the system to the best of her abilities.

I think she realizes that acting isn’t going to cut it, so she ventured into consumer goods (co-founded and also has a nice deal w/ Microsoft to help pimp their new Windows Mobile efforts w/ the Nokia Lumia. She probably also has side deals w/ all the designers she wears while out & about running errands, not to mention the SUV she drives (Audi Q7), as well as places she shops. If it looks & smells like a product placement, then it probably is. Some might call it cheap & whorish, but hey, she’s gonna be thankful she did it 10-15 years from now when nobody gives a shit about her.

  • WeeItsNookies

    Her mom looks like a stuck up snobby cunt.

    • skilligan

      WeeItsNookies it does appear the mom has let Jessica’s success go to her head

    • MoeJackson

      WeeItsNookies who gives a shit? wouldn’t you spoil your mom if you had millions?

      • WeeItsNookies

        MoeJackson fuck no, id make her ass work. NO FEMALE SHALL LEECH OFF OF ME. Unless of course it’s a girl on my top 10 list (you don’t know who they are since you fucking DESTROYED our profiles) as long as they are letting me hit it 3-5 times daily.