Russell Simmons Enjoys Awkward Vacation in St. Barts; Sugar Baby & Ex-Wife Kimora Lee Meet

Russell Simmons prepping Hana Nitsche For Holiday Sex; Kimora & Russell; Hana & Russell

We’re not 100% sure, but going on vacation with your crazy-bitch of an ex-wife & your latest sugar baby to the same place has to positively affect your pimp-factor. That’s just what Russell Simmons did this holiday season when he hit St. Barts with his supermodel play thing Hana Nitsche, who just turned 27 earlier this month. Russell’s ex-wife Kimora Lee was already on the island with their two kids, Ming Lee & Aoki Lee.

We don’t cover Kimora Lee much on the site only because she seems so damn annoying, so here’s a quick update. She was married to Djimon Hounsou for a couple years following her break w/ Russell & the couple just announced their separation last month, so it’ll be interesting to see who Kimora traps in her web of insanity next.

Hana Nitsche

  • 1st_Class_Army_Sgt

    There should be a “who the fuck cares,” tab.

  • Jesuit63

    This is too close to call as a vote, Russell Simmons=”Who gives a fuck”, for shit sakes!

  • nybiggs

    I wonder what his line is to get all these young ladies? I’m rich bitch!

    • MoeJackson

      nybiggs dude, he doesn’t need one. I bet his people brief a lot of hot chicks, a good number bite on the offer & then Russell gets to choose.

  • skilligan

    she’ll be gone soon but it seems like they are having fun

  • MundoLopez1

    I hate all this rich bastards, that rely on their money to do and get whatever the fuck they want….but then well I can’t really blame them..just jealous I guess

    • MoeJackson

      MundoLopez1 Dude, we can’t hate on them. We just gotta work our asses off & join the sugar daddy party…

  • McP

    Is that sunscreen?  If so he looks retarded.  Any way, this chick looks to be a pretty good actress, she’s doing a good job of masking the horror of it all.

  • brutal honesty

    why would she date someone so UGLY ew