XMAS 2012: Harrison Ford Joins Bella Thorne @ L.A. Mission Event

Los Angeles Mission Christmas Eve For The Homeless

I’m about 99.9999% sure that Harrison Ford has no clue who he was standing next to & that’s exactly the way it should be. A handful of celebs (mostly C thru Z-listers) donated their time to serve meals at an event held organized by the Los Angeles Mission to feed the homeless. The particular event was held this past Sunday.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Yes you are probably right that he doesn’t know her but it would be far hotter if he did know who she was and repeatedly jacked off to her pics and tv show!

  • skilligan

    good to see celebs giving back

  • Backwoodsman

    Bella Thorne and Olivia Holt – OW!!  (only in the most upstanding, admirative and legal sense of the word, of course)

  • 1st_Class_Army_Sgt

    I’m sure the little girl is thinking, “who the hell is this old dude?”

  • durka