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MIAMI: Claudia Romani Rocks Her Bejazzled VS Bikini! OW!

Italian model Claudia Romani takes her bikini body for a Christmas Day dip in the pool in her new Victoria's Secret bikini in Miami

You gotta love this woman! When it comes to treating her online fans well, Claudia Romani knows what’s up! The Italian bombshell took her bikini body for a Christmas Day dip in the pool in her new Victoria’s Secret bikini. As most of you bastards know, Claudia literally came out of nowhere earlier this year & has built a considerable fan base (albeit, a slightly creepy one) just by hitting up the beach a few times a week in bootilicious bikinis. I just hope all this publicity is making it much easier in scoring modeling gigs!!

On the topic of gigs, we really need to get off our asses & fly down to Miami for an interview! I just have a hunch that Claudia will be just as much fun as our interviews with Bai Ling or Jackie Guerrido. In the meantime, we’re thinking about getting Claudia a $100 Starbucks gift card so that she can make daily trips to Starbucks for the first couple weeks of 2013.

Anyway, we have something special planned for Claudia as part of our year-end review stuff, so look out for that when it goes live.

Any Guesses As To When Chris Brown Is Gonna Start Beating Up Rihanna?

Rihanna and Chris Brown leave the Staples Centre together

For those of you who think Chris Brown is a changed man, think again. Rihanna is smoking serious crack if she thinks that’s the case or maybe she just likes it rough? Who really knows what’s going on in her head, but if her real friends truly care about her safety, they’d risk everything to make sure she keeps her distance from this dude. Last time she was just getting slapped around, so who knows what the hell will happen next time? The thing I don’t understand is why the hell can’t Rihanna experiment with one of the million other wildly qualified dudes out there? Was the sex that good? One of Rihanna’s friends should sit her down & make her watch the Tina Turner biopic “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” starring Angela Bassett & Laurence Fishburne in an attempt to knock some sense into her.

Anyway, these photos were snapped as the two lovebirds were spotted leaving the Staples Center in downtown LA together holding hands after watching the Christmas day game between Lakers & Knicks (L.A. won 100-94).

MILAN: Bar Refaeli & Her Friend Bring The Links!

Bar Refaeli Enjoys Dinner With Friends

Model Bar Refaeli enjoys dinner with friends at Giacomo Bistrot restaurant (December 26).

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Trailer Watch: Jim Carrey & Steve Carrell in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”

Something tells me teenage boys are going to be lining up in droves to see this one. Steve Carrell (and a very pronounced tan…and possibly fake nose?) and Jim Carrey are uniting on screen for the first time in the saucy magician comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone in which Carrell plays a dried up magician in search of some rejuvenation for his failing act . . . which comes in the form of a shirtless Jim Carrey with a goatee and a ponytail. He not only sleeps on a bed of hot coals, he can hold his urine for 12 days. Imagine those kidney stones.

The magic begins March 15, 2013.

HISTORIC: 2012 Record $10.8 BILLION Box-Office


“The real story is told in tickets, whose sales have been on a general decline for a decade, bottoming out in 2011 at 1.29 billion, their lowest level since 1995.”[HP]

It shouldn’t surprise very many people that Hollywood scored a record breaking box-office in 2012. This was the year, after all, of the endless parade of worldwide mega blockbusters that included The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two, Drift, The Amazing Spider-Man and Brave. All told, Hollywood racked a massive $10.8 billion in revenue in the last twelve months.

The bigger news, however, is that not only are total dollars made up, but so are the number of tickets sold – a first in three years. “The industry rebounded this year, with ticket sales projected to rise 5.6 percent to 1.36 billion by Dec. 31, according to box-office tracker That’s still well below the modern peak of 1.6 billion tickets sold in 2002, but in an age of cozy home theater setups and endless entertainment gadgets, studio executives consider it a triumph that they were able to put more butts in cinema seats this year than last.”

We’ll see if 2013 is able to match up. Until then, the champagne is flowing in Burbank!

Nicki Minaj Brings The Morning Links!

Photo Credit: Hollywood Tuna; Nicki Minaj Is Busting Out Big Time!

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Consumers to Macy’s: DUMP TRUMP!


“The campaign is asking the retailer to stop carrying Trump’s line of clothing and fragrances and stop using him in ads.”[THR]

America’s premiere blowhard and professional misogynist Donald Trump did not have a very merry Christmas thanks to a popular protest of his Macy’s “brand” (some would say douche baggery) organized by Angelo Carusone of A mobile billboard has been circling the Macy’s headquarters in Cincinnati as well the Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan drawing a contrast between the classic Macy’s Santa Claus and the Feuding/Racist/Birther/Misogynist/Moneygrubbing/Power Mad/Insane Trump.

According to the almost 700,000 strong petition calling on Macy’s to dump Trump as their spokesperson, “There is a gap between what Macy’s brand is and what Donald Trump’s brand is. Macy’s says they are a cut above the rest. They appeal to everyone’s nostalgia. They inject themselves into our culture and our holidays. We don’t think [Trump] represents the values they espouse.”

At present, Macy’s says it has no plans to get rid of Trump. In the meantime, NBC is readying another season of Celebrity Apprentice. MoveOn is also planning to encourage NBC to cancel Celebrity Apprentice. It’s worth noting that some of Trump’s fiercest critics and haters (i.e. Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Matthews) are some of NBC’s biggest stars.

Tell us what you think: should Macy’s and/or NBC get rid of Trump?

Parental Guidance: Film Review

Visit the film’s official website!

Parental Guidance is one of those godawful holiday movies that makes you yearn for the slightly less godawful period known as “dumpster season” which runs from early January through mid March when Hollywood unloads most of its surefire bombs that even executives who are paid to watch these movies won’t sit through. It’s also one of those movies that you know was purely a paycheck for its cast – and a formidable cast that includes Billy Crystal, Marissa Tomei, and the Divine Miss Bette Midler.

Of course, actors are only as good as the words you give them, and the words in this movie seem to come straight out of a 1990s sitcom about parenting (and that too a very bad sitcom about parenting). There’s the milquetoast middle class suburban couple played by Marissa Tomei and Tom Everett Scott who decide to dump their kids on her parents so that they can go vacationing. It’s the Casey Anthony school of Parenting they went to, it seems. Luckily for them, they get to exit in the first 20 minutes.

Since her parents are Bette Midler and Billy Crystal, you’d think the kids would be in for a good time. Sadly, that is not the case, since the kids are apparently on instruction to make their grandparents relive every mistake they committed against their dear, temporarily departed mother. You can see where this is going before it even starts.

There are a few good natured laughs in the movie, I’ll admit. Most of them are purely the result of the clash between parenting styles. The newer mommy and daddy treat their children like mini-adults, while the older mommy and daddy treat their children (and their grandchildren) like farm cattle. The best parenting advice you can glean from this movie is that no child should ever have to sit through a movie this lame.

2012 MoeJackson Year in Review: HELLOOOOO BARBARA PALVIN!!

Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin stole a brief part of our attention from Candice Swanepoel at this past year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. As with Nina Agdal with the SI Swimsuit Issue, Barbara Palvin burst onto the runway for the 2012 VS Fashion Show and even caught the buzz of being the reason for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s breakup. We won’t bother going into that teenybopper drama but nonetheless Barbara would’ve gotten this much attention even without being caught up in the middle. What we’re waiting for is Barbara getting sent to St. Barts like the other VS hotties for an on location bikini photoshoot. Check out the rest of Barbara’s photos in her juicy category!!

UPDATED: Added recent bikini pics from Barbara’s trip to Miami:
Barbara Palvin Bikini Pics (ADDS)

Best from the set: Here, here (OW!), here & here.