Any Guesses As To When Chris Brown Is Gonna Start Beating Up Rihanna?

Rihanna and Chris Brown leave the Staples Centre together

For those of you who think Chris Brown is a changed man, think again. Rihanna is smoking serious crack if she thinks that’s the case or maybe she just likes it rough? Who really knows what’s going on in her head, but if her real friends truly care about her safety, they’d risk everything to make sure she keeps her distance from this dude. Last time she was just getting slapped around, so who knows what the hell will happen next time? The thing I don’t understand is why the hell can’t Rihanna experiment with one of the million other wildly qualified dudes out there? Was the sex that good? One of Rihanna’s friends should sit her down & make her watch the Tina Turner biopic “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” starring Angela Bassett & Laurence Fishburne in an attempt to knock some sense into her.

Anyway, these photos were snapped as the two lovebirds were spotted leaving the Staples Center in downtown LA together holding hands after watching the Christmas day game between Lakers & Knicks (L.A. won 100-94).