Consumers to Macy’s: DUMP TRUMP!


“The campaign is asking the retailer to stop carrying Trump’s line of clothing and fragrances and stop using him in ads.”[THR]

America’s premiere blowhard and professional misogynist Donald Trump did not have a very merry Christmas thanks to a popular protest of his Macy’s “brand” (some would say douche baggery) organized by Angelo Carusone of A mobile billboard has been circling the Macy’s headquarters in Cincinnati as well the Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan drawing a contrast between the classic Macy’s Santa Claus and the Feuding/Racist/Birther/Misogynist/Moneygrubbing/Power Mad/Insane Trump.

According to the almost 700,000 strong petition calling on Macy’s to dump Trump as their spokesperson, “There is a gap between what Macy’s brand is and what Donald Trump’s brand is. Macy’s says they are a cut above the rest. They appeal to everyone’s nostalgia. They inject themselves into our culture and our holidays. We don’t think [Trump] represents the values they espouse.”

At present, Macy’s says it has no plans to get rid of Trump. In the meantime, NBC is readying another season of Celebrity Apprentice. MoveOn is also planning to encourage NBC to cancel Celebrity Apprentice. It’s worth noting that some of Trump’s fiercest critics and haters (i.e. Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Matthews) are some of NBC’s biggest stars.

Tell us what you think: should Macy’s and/or NBC get rid of Trump?