HISTORIC: 2012 Record $10.8 BILLION Box-Office


“The real story is told in tickets, whose sales have been on a general decline for a decade, bottoming out in 2011 at 1.29 billion, their lowest level since 1995.”[HP]

It shouldn’t surprise very many people that Hollywood scored a record breaking box-office in 2012. This was the year, after all, of the endless parade of worldwide mega blockbusters that included The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two, Drift, The Amazing Spider-Man and Brave. All told, Hollywood racked a massive $10.8 billion in revenue in the last twelve months.

The bigger news, however, is that not only are total dollars made up, but so are the number of tickets sold – a first in three years. “The industry rebounded this year, with ticket sales projected to rise 5.6 percent to 1.36 billion by Dec. 31, according to box-office tracker Hollywood.com. That’s still well below the modern peak of 1.6 billion tickets sold in 2002, but in an age of cozy home theater setups and endless entertainment gadgets, studio executives consider it a triumph that they were able to put more butts in cinema seats this year than last.”

We’ll see if 2013 is able to match up. Until then, the champagne is flowing in Burbank!