MIAMI: Claudia Romani Rocks Her Bejazzled VS Bikini! OW!

Italian model Claudia Romani takes her bikini body for a Christmas Day dip in the pool in her new Victoria's Secret bikini in Miami

You gotta love this woman! When it comes to treating her online fans well, Claudia Romani knows what’s up! The Italian bombshell took her bikini body for a Christmas Day dip in the pool in her new Victoria’s Secret bikini. As most of you bastards know, Claudia literally came out of nowhere earlier this year & has built a considerable fan base (albeit, a slightly creepy one) just by hitting up the beach a few times a week in bootilicious bikinis. I just hope all this publicity is making it much easier in scoring modeling gigs!!

On the topic of gigs, we really need to get off our asses & fly down to Miami for an interview! I just have a hunch that Claudia will be just as much fun as our interviews with Bai Ling or Jackie Guerrido. In the meantime, we’re thinking about getting Claudia a $100 Starbucks gift card so that she can make daily trips to Starbucks for the first couple weeks of 2013.

Anyway, we have something special planned for Claudia as part of our year-end review stuff, so look out for that when it goes live.