And the Most Pirated Show of 2012 Is . . .


“With 80 percent of the downloads from overseas, the HBO fantasy hit was first on a top ten list that also included “Dexter,” “Big Bang Theory,” and “Revolution.” [THR]

Good news, pirate downloaders! Your taste in entertainment is decidedly high brow this year, as evidenced in the new TorrentFreak report that the most illegally downloaded show of the year is HBO’s Game of Thrones. Before your friends that work at Best Buy start sermonizing you on the perils of piracy, rest assured that 80% of the downloads were from overseas, with Australia leading the pack (I know: Australia??). Runners up were the good ol’ US of A, Canada, Britain, and the Netherlands.

According to the report, “the top Game of Thrones episode was illegally downloaded 4.28 million times in 2012, though more than 90 percent of the downloads occur in the first week of a show’s first-run airing.” Other popular shows that were downloaded by the millions included Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, and my personal favorite, Breaking Bad.

  • bryanzee

    dope show is dope

  • WeeItsNookies

    I don’t understand how downloading a free show that was publicly aired is “illegal”. Most people just wait a few days after its aired as the article said probably because of work,etc and simply miss the show. Unless they were downloading an actual entire season rip that had special features and all of the other crap than yea..Weird

  • Bozz

    I haven’t seen any of the show mentioned above from GoT to Big Bang Theory. Might download them later. lol.