MIAMI: So Yeah, Claudia Galanti & Her Lil’ Booty Are Still On Vacation

Claudia Galanti And Boyfriend Enjoy The Pool And The Beach

It’s possible Claudia & her pimp-daddy boyfriend have relocated to South Beach, but who really knows? Whatever the case, if you can have two kids under the age of 5 & manage to hit the beach six days as week, you pretty much have the sweetest life. What more could you possibly want (aside from maybe the bare essentials which includes a pad in Monte Carlo, a yacht moored somewhere in the French Riviera, and $25 million in the bank)?

The sexy Paraguayan model loves showing off her lil’ boney ass as she proceeded to give her boyfriend lap dances while the lovebirds lounged on beach chairs. They were hidden underneath a few towels, so God knows what else was going on…

  • skilligan

    like the booty. she’s sexy as hell. doubt she can read but so what

  • curvefan

    I hope that every man that wants some of Claudia gets some.  I’ll give up my spot to one of you other guys.