Sarah Silverman is Cool with Django’s N-Word


“You can’t tell art what to do,” she explains.[HP]

The always hilarious Sarah Silverman took time away from inducing laughter to explain to TMZ why she is okay with what some have termed excessive use of the N-word in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Silverman defended the film from criticism (notably from her friend Spike Lee, who termed the film ‘disrespectful’) by noting that the N-word was in wide use in the Civil War era during which the movie is set, and that no one has any right to tell ‘art’ what to do. Point noted, Sarah . . . but is Django art or entertainment? Or a hybrid of both?

Tell us what you think? Have you seen the film? Is it unwontedly offensive? And if you haven’t seen it, will its liberal use of the N-word keep you away?