Josie Goldberg Shows All The Meat Lovers Some Year-End Love

Josie Goldberg Hits The Beach

Plus-size model Josie Goldberg tried to keep from falling out of her bikini top while hitting the beach in Miami yesterday afternoon. Who wants some?

Depending on whether you have a meaty fetish, this will either make or break your morning. For those of you addicted to VS bones, why not try a lil’ meat once in a while from the buffet line of ladies (that’s assuming you’re a sugar daddy & have access to the buffet line, of course).

  • MundoLopez1

    I don’t mind a little bit of meat, but that’s a little too much for me…

  • skilligan

    the sad part is it looks like she actually has lost weight

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I don’t mind meaty sometimes, but there has to be some beauty to go along with it.

  • cowbulls

    Not enough tequila in the local bar

  • cowbulls

    Not enough tequila in the local bar

  • Hunk

    they have plenty of meat or milk in them