Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Announced by Her Baby Daddy (In Mid-Concert)

Further proof this holiday season that there is no god (at least not a kind and benevolent one), Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting . . . a child.

Yes, you read right: the first sign of the apocalypse has been realized. The third generation of reality television starring Kardashians is now confirmed. Kimmy K’s baby daddy Kanye West announced in the middle of an Atlanta concert that he was going to be a father, and Kim Kardashian is in fact the mother of his child.

They also then took the marriment to Twitter where mother-to-be filled techspace with messages like, “”KIMYE!!!!! Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!”

Look for further such declamatory statements and overuse of exclamation points in the next nine months. Followed by Baby Kimye’s own line of designer baby wear and a reality show on Bravo, E!, or both. (Yup, this is happening).