A Dark Truth: Film Review

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Andy Garcia says quite emphatically in A Dark Truth that, “All we can do is search for the truth, and then defend it.” This would be a great moment in the movie, except that by the time it arrives we have literally no clue what he is referring to.

The first major movie of 2013 is a pretty hapless affair: Garcia plays Jack Begosian, an ex-CIA officer who is hired to uncover a corporation’s role in a South American massacre (yes, we’re all thinking of you, Halliburton). Once he gets there, he is aided by a pair of do-goody activists (played by Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker) who show him how evil a bond has been forged between the American government, its spy agencies, and conglomerate corporate interests. Human lives are but balance sheets and human blood is an easily spilled commodity.

The actors do the best with that they are given. It might behoove us to remember that not so long ago Forest Whitaker won an Oscar for his brilliant portrayal of Idi Amin. Eva Longoria still looks like a million bucks and has comic timing to spare, but here she is forced to look perpetually dazed and confused. Andy Garcia obviously craves the days when he was still a contender for Al Pacino’s leading man slot. This movie gives none of them what they want.