Bradley Cooper, JLO, Eminem Other Celebs Who Don’t Drink

blake lively

“I don’t drink. I’ve never tried a drug,” Blake Lively told Allure. “It’s just something that I genuinely don’t have a desire for.”[HP]

Hollywood is known for its crazy parties and drug and alcohol orgies. But not everyone in Tinsel Town is fond of the drink or the party powder. 15 celebs you may not know who abstain from alcohol and have publicly declared themselves sober include:

Bradley Cooper
Tyra Banks
Christina Ricci
Tobey Maguire
A newly pregnant Kim Kardashian
Recovering addict Eminem
Jennifer Lopez
Ewan McGregor
Kristin Davis
Kim Catrall
Colin Farrell, Now Seven Years Sober
Blake Lively
Rehab Survivor Kelly Osbourne
Jada Pinkett Smith
Gerard Butler, 15 Years Sober

Click on the link to hear their personal stories of why they stopped drinking – and why some of them never started in the first place.

  • skilligan

    if i was famous i would be straight edge, too many people try to take advantage and scrutinize you

  • Alan Nordoc

    Ben Affleck

  • curvefan

    I would want to remember every woman and be in total control of myself to pollinate as many as possible.