GOD-D-D-DAAAYUM! Jessica Alba Bikini Pics From Cabo!!

Jessica Alba Bikini Pics From Cabo San Lucas!

Wow, I guess hard work does pay off! When asked about her post-pregnancy workout regiment, Jessica didn’t drop any plastic surgery related secrets, but instead told interviewers she was in the gym for six hours (two three-hour long sessions) for five or six days a week, so it’s no wonder she looks so great! We’re pretty sure she got a lil something nipped & tucked, but hey, there’s only so much plastic surgery can do.

The beautiful actress, who absolutely hates the papz, was caught enjoying a nice family vacation in Cabo San Lucas. While most celebrities hit up St. Barts around this time, a few safe a few bucks & time by hitting up Cabo, which is a quick flight from LAX. We’re pretty sure they save thousands on accommodations, as well. Jessica was joined by her daughters Haven & Honor, but once again, we don’t see her husband Cash. Why doesn’t this dude ever get spotted w/ his hot wife?! I don’t get it…

  • skilligan

    2 kids and still looks as good as ever

  • errsome

    she got boxy.

  • assman8

    I’m going to go against the (presumed) majority here and say that she doesn’t look that great. Yeah, she’s got low body fat, but she’s extremely flat and not as appealing as she did when she was thicker and had a bigger booty like in this movie:


    • errsome

      assman8 Yeah, the ass looked great there. What’s the name of the movie?

      • assman8

        errsome assman8 Idle Hands. She also looked better in Into The Blue even though she was skinny there. I dunno, something about her just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

        • MoeJackson

          assman8 probably her bitchy attitude…

        • WeeItsNookies

          MoeJackson  how dare you speak poorly of my baby girl. MOE GODDAMN IT

        • WeeItsNookies

          MoeJackson  how dare you speak poorly of my baby girl. MOE GODDAMN IT

  • bryanzee

    omg so beautiful

  • WeeItsNookies

    Well fuck, happy new years to me.

  • McP

    No no no no no.  You all are forgetting what was.  She used to look so much hotter, fleshier and tighter all around.  Boo.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    This is a tip of the hat to her famous ass up in a bikini pic. Not as savory as it used to be but  nice and tight.

  • curvefan

    Look at the picture of her standing. There is a straight line from her shoulders down to her thighs. There’s NO curve there. Her head could be photo shopped onto a teenage boys body and not be any straighter.

  • xenia

    her belly button looks kinda high, it seems like she really did something on her belly. looks weird.

  • Whiskeythrottle

    It’s official – jessica is no longer an elite hottie. Still hot, but no longer elite.

  • xenia

    and funny that she said she has a hourglass figure lol

  • Tapper65

    Still looks great, but not as great as in the past. I’d bang the daylights out of her and try to give her kid #3 if I were her husband. 
    That said, there is no way in the world that she’s working out twice a day for 3 hours each time. If anything, she’s on an elliptical all that time. She would be ripped if she could spend that much time actually working out. In these pictures, it looks like she’s not even in good enough shape to work out that long. I call BS on that claim. 
    I’d still fuck her silly, though. Let’s keep the important things in mind.

  • xoox

    and funny that she said she has a hourglass figure lol

  • jimbo 77

    Holy shit!

  • GrgeCdnBastard

    All the best mothers spend 6 hours a day at the gym.