GOD-D-D-DAAAYUM! Jessica Alba Bikini Pics From Cabo!!

Jessica Alba Bikini Pics From Cabo San Lucas!

Wow, I guess hard work does pay off! When asked about her post-pregnancy workout regiment, Jessica didn’t drop any plastic surgery related secrets, but instead told interviewers she was in the gym for six hours (two three-hour long sessions) for five or six days a week, so it’s no wonder she looks so great! We’re pretty sure she got a lil something nipped & tucked, but hey, there’s only so much plastic surgery can do.

The beautiful actress, who absolutely hates the papz, was caught enjoying a nice family vacation in Cabo San Lucas. While most celebrities hit up St. Barts around this time, a few safe a few bucks & time by hitting up Cabo, which is a quick flight from LAX. We’re pretty sure they save thousands on accommodations, as well. Jessica was joined by her daughters Haven & Honor, but once again, we don’t see her husband Cash. Why doesn’t this dude ever get spotted w/ his hot wife?! I don’t get it…