Kanye & His Baby Momma Kim Kardashian Celebrated New Years in Vegas

Exclusive - Expectant Mom Kim Kardashian Debuts Baby Bump in Skunk Fur Coat With Proud Dad-To-Be Kanye West

For the record, Kim’s rocking skunk fur.

We’re pretty sure Kim had a previously scheduled paid engagement at a Vegas nightclub on the books, so Kanye probably tagged along. It sucks it’s turning out this way b/c Kim was supposed to be the one tagging along, God damn it! As most of you know by now, Kanye made the biggest mistake of his life about three months ago when he knocked up Kim Kardashian. The dude made the baby-momma announcement during a concert in Atlantic City over the weekend.

I gotta admit, I was pretty shocked like everyone else b/c I always thought Kanye would end up seeing through Kim’s bullshit & ultimately parting ways or at least all his industry friends would help knock some sense into him (Jay-Z & Beyonce: What the fuck?!!), but none of that shit happened. He ended up having unprotected sex w/ this woman! Un-fucking-believable. Assuming the pregnancy goes smoothly, Kanye’s is seriously stuck w/ this chick for the foreseeable future. Kim will inevitably show her true colors & try to cash in on every opportunity over the course of the pregnancy & after (diaper deals, selling baby photos, reality TV cameras while giving birth & God knows what else), so it’ll be interesting to see how much bullshit Kanye can handle over the next six months.

Here’s Kim & Kanye at a New Year’s Eve bash held at 1 Oak nightclub at the Mirage Hotel in Vegas…
Reality TV babe and soon to be mum pregnant Kim Kardashian and boyfriend rapper Kanye West host the New Years Eve Countdown held at 1 Oak nightclub at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.