Sofia Vergara’s Fiance Nick Loeb Sounds Like An Insecure Douchebag

Sofia Vergara on New Years Eve

It’s being reported that Sofia Vergara’s dumbass fiancé Nick Loeb got booted from a Miami nightclub last night (Jan. 1) after the couple got into a heated argument—so heated that one witness in the VIP section said, “Nick had to be pulled off Sofia by security. Her dress got torn in the melee [Anyone have photos of this?]. This happened right in front of everyone in the VIP section. Four security guards grabbed Nick and threw him out of the back door of the club, with Sofia following behind.” What the fuck? Doesn’t Nick Loeb know that his woman is a hot celebrity with a huge mouth and equally huge rack?

Sounds like both Sofia & Nick were drunk, along with everyone else in the VIP section. I’m pretty sure some other drunk, rich dude made the moves on Sofia because her boobs were literally hanging out of her dress. Apparently Nick got really pissed when Sofia took a picture with a stranger & even started screaming at her. This Nick guy sounds like a really insecure douche bag & to be honest, I’m very surprised that woman like Sofia Vergara is still with him following their numerous breakups. I’ll even go as far as to say that this guy is probably abusive behind closed doors, which really sucks when you think about all the cash that Sofia pulls in via “Modern Family.” It sucks that we have to ask this over & over again, but why are certain rich & hot chicks attracted to abusive dudes when there literally millions of guys ready & willing? I don’t get it…

The photos in this gallery were snapped the night before at a New Year’s Eve party held at the Miami’s ultra-luxurious Delano South Beach as she was on hand to ring in the new year. All reports from that party stated that the couple were all over each other & even shared a midnight kiss. I think it’s safe to say that Sofia Vergara needs to find a new man in 2013!