“Django Unchained” Is a Superhit, Thanks to African Americans


Django features more than 100 uses of the N-word, igniting a debate over whether the movie is racially insensitive.”[THR]

Quentin Tarantino’s movies usually do pretty okay at the box-office, but rarely do they become outright blockbusters. Even rarer is a Tarantino movie doing well and the box-office that is about slavery during the Civil War era during the Christmas season.

But that hasn’t deterred audiences from going to see Django Unchained since its release on Christmas Day. It has proven to be especially popular with the African American community, a surprising fact when one considers that the movie’s popularity with African American audiences was in doubt since it not only came from a white director telling a bloody an violent story of slave revenge, but also features the ever-controversial “N-word” over a hundred times in its almost three hour running time.

According to exit data tracked since its release, 42 percent of Django’s opening audience was black and still a full third of the audience is counted as African American. The movie has grossed nearly $80 million at the box-office thus far and looks like it will become Tarantino’s biggest box-office hit to date, eclipsing even 2009’s Inglorious Basterds which earned $120 million in North America.