Texas Chainsaw 3D: Film Review

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At some point, we have to ask ourselves: has the point of saturation been reached? When is “enough” really enough? For a film buff and critic like yours truly, that when is tomorrow, the day we get yet another Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. This time, in 3D.

Oh. Yeah.

If you haven’t had your fill yet of shapely coeds traipsing off for yet another weekend in the woods with their jock boyfriends where they inevitably end up raising the ire of a mad serial killer, then you probably never will have your fill of such cinematic offerings. I, for one, have never and will never understand the appeal of watching people get hacked, dismembered, and chainsawed to death over a long weekend in the country. Is mass murder by power tool really a form of entertainment? I have yet to believe that it is.

There is no point in revealing the plot here because it’s as predictable as you could possibly imagine (and that takes very, very little imagination, admittedly). The acting is strictly Saved By the Bell level, which you wouldn’t hold against any of the actors because clearly they’ve chosen to focus on their abs and eyebrow arches rather than voice modulation. Then again, in a movie where 70 percent of the dialogue is literally screaming, you have to wonder what the actual script may have looked like.