BREAKING!! Vanessa Hudgens Has Her Lil’ Sis Stella Pay The Parking Meter!

Vanessa & Stella Hudgens Getting Their Nails Done

If you can’t tell, this is definitely a slow news day, so we’re resorting to the latest in Celebrity Parking Meter News. These latest photos were snapped yesterday as sisters Vanessa & Stella Hudgens were seen hitting up a nail salon in Studio City after getting in their daily workout.

Vanessa & Stella Hudgens Getting Their Nails Done

  • skilligan

    her legs and ass are great for a short girl

  • jimbo 77

    I’d like to fill vanessa and stellas parking meters!

  • durka

    way hotter than miley

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Apparently working out is more important to young actresses than is acting lessons. Stella is a quirky sort on Twitter. Attractive as fuck but just as moody.